Hi pinelle,
today’s isn’t a real post, at least not what you are used to reading, but I wanted to show you some fragments of my days in Milan preparing for Isola dei Famosi, which, as many of you know, will go live on air on 26 January.

I arrived in Milan on Tuesday and my first appointment was dinner at Mara Venier’s house with Alfonso Signorini, my companions on the programme! The next day was one big long photo shoot, with the whole cast leaving for Honduras and my correspondent Alvin. I can’t tell you who all the participants are yet, the only one you already know is adult film star Rocco Siffredi, with whom Claudia wanted to have her picture taken…ahahahah.
Then I had an interview for “Chi” magazine with Valerio Palmieri – a nice friendly chat, as we are old friends by now. The day after, with the cold I’ve had all this time, I was called to the production office in Cologno Monzese for a meeting with authors and producers.
Tomorrow I’ll be on Verissimo with my friend Silvia Toffanin, and on Monday I’ll show you all the details of my look for the programme! Have a great weekend everyone!!!



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