Quick tricks for your legs!

Quick tricks for your legs!

Hello Pinelle!
Today I want to tell you about some quick tricks to highlight and accentuate your legs! On Mondays, you know, I’m live on TV. Often, on the programme, I wear beautiful large slits or my beloved miniskirts, so my legs are definitely on show! So, what better time than this to reveal another beauty trick?!

Let’s start right away. The first thing I recommend is using a good body moisturiser every day, best straight after your shower. I’m using the Ideal Body by Vichy, a Serum Lotion that moisturises, firms and smoothes the skin, also evening out skin tone.

After that, to brighten your legs, we have three different options! The first is the Bathina Body So Fine scented balm by Benefit. You apply it with the sponge you find inside the box. It slightly lightens the skin, making it almost porcelain-like, brightening it and evening out skin tone! You could even try using it on your décolletage! 😉

The second option is the Oil, again from the Ideal Body range byVichyDespite being an oil, it’s not greasy … ON THE CONTRARY! It leaves skin “glowing” but dry and matt-looking, really nourishing the skin! It is enriched with essential oils, antioxidant vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6, which help reinforce the skin’s defensive barrier!

Third solution, the Skin deep golden elixir by thisworks, a golden-hued serum to moisturise, add colour to and improve your skin! It contains aloe vera, chamomile, rose and patchouli, which give it an irresistible fragrance! Ideal both when you already have a bit of a tan, because it helps even out skin tone, and when it’s time to take those tights off and your skin needs a hint of colour after the long winter! So what do you think? Do you approve of my tricks?



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