Put a smile on a face with a BabyPapera

Put a smile on a face with a BabyPapera

Pinelle!! Today I’ve decided to make you smile by telling you all about a really nice, fun initiative that promises instant rewards!

Mums, dads, aunties and uncles reading this post, go get your mobile phones and find the funniest photos you have of your young ones!! I’m sure you’ll find some really cracking pictures so you can take part in “Baby Papera”, an initiative by Carrefour (the famous supermarket chain), offering a super jackpot of 2,000 euro, to be spent on lots of goodies for your kid!

Here’s how it works: ok, first click on the site babypapera.carrefour.it, choose and upload a funny photo of your child, nephew etc … and then get all of your friends to vote for you! You have until 5 March!!! The 20 most voted photos (or videos) will be judged by a jury, which will assign the super jackpot to the funniest entry, as well as another 10 vouchers for 200 euro each!

Now here’s the part I like most… For every photo or video you upload, Carrefour will donate 1 euro to the Foundation Dottor Sorriso Onlus which organises Clown therapy projects! I’m sure all of you already know this fantastic association, which has been helping children forget they’re in hospital by trying to create really magical fun moments to make them smile!

So please hurry to the website babypapera.carrefour.it, upload your photo… and “donate” a smile to these marvellous kids! Below you will see a photo of myself and Mia wrestling on the bed. This is my BabyPapera entry! Now it’s your turn! Just one photo… I’m counting on you! 
A big kiss to all!



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