Black & White – a classic trend

Black & White – a classic trend

Black and white, a classic and at the same time chic combination, where you simply cannot go wrong. It never goes out of fashion, and is a fave among both designers and the public too. Two non-colours, to make one unique lookOptical, tartan, striped or chequered patterns… whatever you decide, one thing is sure, it’s a combo that simply goes on and on!

Here are some accessories, plus more, which I picked to complete your Black&White outfits. From the two-tone jewellery by Calvin Klein from the Round Opposite range, to the limited edition black nail varnish by Dior, right down to the classic All Stars or the B&W dresses from Zara! But I couldn’t leave out a hat for the autumn season, this time in felt from Asos, or sunglasses by Silvian Heach with the classic hound’s tooth pattern, and some gorgeous scarves again by AsosZara or Topshop!

But since I wore it for Monday’s look too, here it is again, the perfectly fitting Valentino shoulder bag. But there are lots more alternatives, including a lovely bag by Furla! Anyway, make sure you have at least one look in this classic colour combo… or one of the many, many outfits you can round off with these amazing accessories!



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