A coffee at the world’s strangest cafés!

A coffee at the world’s strangest cafés!

A break for some me-time or to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for ages, or even a moment of relaxation while you’re travelling, just to recharge before heading off to discover new worlds! We’re talking about cafés and today I’m going to take you on a journey through the most unusual coffee bars where you can spend a few hours in some strange settings!

Let’s begin with the latest craze: cat cafés! The first opened in Japan where neko cafès (neko means cat in Japanese) are now a hang out for tourists as well as locals! Like all real self-respecting trends do, the craze has spread all over the world and the first kitty bars have arrived in Italy too! In Rome, for instance, there is the “Romeow Cat Bistrot”, in Turin,Neko Cafè” and now even Milan has its own feline-themed bar with the recently opened “Crazy Cat Cafè”!


But the world’s most unusual cafés are not devoted to pets, but are actually breathtaking experiences in amazing places!

In Spain, for example, there is Icebarcelona, a bar by the seashore where you can experience a freezing -5°C inside! The IceBar fashion has quickly taken a foothold and you can find one anywhere in Europe, including Italy!

XtraCold IceBar di Amsterdam

Love the sea and the spectacular sights the underwater world has to offer? In Israel there is the “Red Sea Star”, a bar-restaurant divided into two areas, one above the sea where you can admire the magnificent Gulf of Aqaba, and another… under the sea! It’s true! In the underwater part they have created a star-shaped restaurant and bar with huge windows for watching the marine life of the gulf as you sip a fine cocktail!


Have you ever come across an unusual bar while on your travels? Which one of the above would you most like to visit?





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