Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Made in jail: the culture of the second chance!


Today I am really happy to be telling you about this special, important initiative.

“Made in Carcere” (Made in Jail) is an idea that’s not only useful from a social and ethical point of view, it’s also the result of well-defined style research. All the Made in Carcere articles are made by women on the edges of society: 20 inmates in Lecce and Trani, being offered a chance for reintegration into the civil society.
The brand was created in 2007 with the aim of spreading the culture of the “second chance” for these women prisoners and of a “dual life” for fabrics. The products are all really nice… bags, accessories… original, colourful and with a characteristic irony, simplicity and creativity :).

You will find Made in Carcere on facebook too, where you can admire photos of bags, Tees, key rings and lots of other really cute stuff.
There is also a “charity vending machine” – a wonderful idea!!!! This is an innovative self-service vending machine where you can buy some of the Made in Carcere articles around the clock.

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