That’s right, I was there too… In amongst all those famous names at the Opera in Paris, where Stella McCartney held her runway show, there was little pinella, clapping like mad! 😀

It was a truly rock happening, sitting near me were Kate Moss, Sir Paul McCartney, Mario Testino, Salma Hayek and lots of others… Not to mention one of the most fascinating elegant ladies I have ever seen… the director of Vogue France, Emmanuelle Alt… INCREDIBLE!!!

Stella sent very geometric clothes down her runway in dazzling colours, without however losing sight of her more masculine side that in my opinion makes her garments very sexy. Then I went backstage, I took a few photos and got to know her seamstresses, who are all Italian based in Novara. When I said hi to Stella I told her I was really happy that there is a big slice of Italian style in her work!!!!

I want to say hi to Jo Squillo, who always goes to the coolest shows and is much loved also by all the international designers… very professional, friendly, full of energy and a great worker… Well done!

Here is my photo diary from the Opera Parisienne!!!


sfilata all'opera… la meraviglia
fashion show at the opera… how marvellous
Stella McCartney
Sitting close to Emmanuelle Alt (director of Vogue France)
looking at the show
the show
the show
Anja… my favourite
Anja the most beautiful
  with  Stella
  with  Stella
with the seamstresses
  with  Joe
with  Joe
Alice, celebrity press office Italy, and I


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