On La Pinella we talk about fashion, having fun and swapping tips, but let’s not forget that there are also other matters that deserve our attention and also all our commitment. For example the fight against AIDS.

Lila (the Italian anti-AIDS league) has organised a campaign to raise awareness targeting us women. This is a really important initiative, as important as finding a way to beat this disease that unfortunately affects so many, too many people.

The proportion of women diagnosed as HIV positive in Italy is on the increase and we should all be aware of how to run fewer risks. And we should all also make a small donation to support those who already live with HIV and often come up against unjustified social discrimination. It is important to know that HIV cannot be transmitted through normal human, affectionate relationships, but only via contact with infected blood or sexually. Thanks to continual advances made in medicine, those who are HIV positive can live a normal life with this disease.

The “Women’s Project” will start in 2013, sponsored by Lila from 28 October to 3 November with a campaign (endorsed by Elena Di Cioccio) that tells the story of a 20-year-old girl who caught HIV from her boyfriend and who has decided to come out into the public eye and tell her story. During this week-long campaign you can donate to this project by calling or texting 45508.

Pinelle and Pinelli, this is a very important cause and each of us can make the difference. So I would like us all to join forces in support of this Lila project. Here’s what you can do: take a photo or record a video-appeal where you are holding your hands on your chest to make a heart like Elena Di Cioccio does in the presentation. From 28 October to 3 November you can publish your photo or video on the social networks you use the most: Facebook, Twitter (#uncuoreperLILA), Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube… to raise the awareness of your friends and invite them to donate on 45508.

I support Lila and the “Women’s Project”…and you?



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