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The Erre 768 project: women helping women


Dear Pinelli and dear Pinelle, today I want to tell you about a project called “Erre 768” which is very close to my heart because it is dedicated to women.

On the official website for “Erre 768” is the project mission, and it is a concept I really like: “Develop social and work integration programmes for Italian and migrant women in difficulty; valorise different talents and professionalism; create winning and long lasting synergies through eco-sustainable development in conjunction with other manufacturers”. The idea is basically that every one of us can have a (second) chance and work together to reach our full potential.

The promoter of the project, Roberta Marchiori, is a consultant by profession, but has decided to channel her energy also into fashion combined with solidarity. This gave rise to “Erre 768” (to find out more about it read here), an eco-sustainable company of women for women. Roberta has encountered women with different backgrounds and experiences, but all sharing great willpower and a desire to be challenged whenever and wherever, it was precisely these qualities that inspired her to launch “Erre 768”. Here is what she wrote to me in an email: “Our goal is to create a small enterprise, not to make money but to work and give work to women so that they can regain their dignity”, and after reading these words I rushed to write this post here on La Pinella, hoping to encourage you to think about this subject.

I hope you decide to support “Erre 768”, and if you have any initiatives and projects you’d like to tell me about I’d be happy to know how great you are and promote your good causes. 🙂

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