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Gli shop di Alessia

Yamamay “Ferma il Bastardo” Campaign – Flash mob against violence against women


Today I want to talk to you about a subject that is really close to my heart: violence against women.

It is an issue that is always heated and often discussed because unfortunately the violence continues. That is why I want to tell you about the Yamamay “Ferma il Bastardo (Stop the Bastard)” campaign.
For Vogue Fashion Night on 12 September 2013 in Florence, Yamamay is organising a FLASH MOB TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. It will start at 7.30 pm from the store on Via dei Calzaiuoli 76R and finish in Piazza della Signoria.

The project is marked by its strong slogan, “Get straight to the heart and to the eye”: shake up, upset, start a reaction and create a movement against violence against women. Furthermore, Yamamay cites 3 key words to say enough is enough: CHANGE, SOLIDARITY, and PARTICIPATION.

“Ferma il Bastardo” is the title of an advertising campaign launched in Italian newspapers and the name of a Facebook page: a strong statement, with a decisive tone that instantly grabs attention.

To get help, the number 1522 is active 24/7. It is a free-phone number to support victims of abuse and stalking, created by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities. It is active nationwide from landlines and mobiles, offering assistance, support and referral to local public and private social-health services. Anonymity is absolutely guaranteed for the victim. Reaction is the first step.

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