Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Coin “Women’s Circle for Change”



Today I want to tell you about a collection that is fruit of the partnership between Oxfam Italia and Coin.
The project is called “Women’s Circle for Change” and it’s a fundraiser for Oxfam to help tens of thousands of people, mainly women and children, escape poverty.
It is a cause that really touches me as a mum and a great supporter of women. I instantly identified with the words of Kristin Davis, global ambassador for Oxfam and famous for her role in the American TV series Sex and the City: “Women have always been driving the wheels of change. […] Supporting a woman, strengthening her independence, her power and her skills means helping her family and her community to escape from poverty. And all women in the world have ideas, energy and resources they can put together to support those who need it most.”

So, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to all of us Women! The sweaters I’m wearing and which you can see below are just some of the models by 5 great designers (Veronica Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Rossella JardiniMargherita Maccapani Missoni Amos and Marina Spadafora) on sale as a limited edition in Coin stores  from 14 November. This collection has the highly important aim of supporting the work carried out by Oxfam Italia in 13 nations by bringing and improving essential services such as education and healthcare.

I have shown you three sweaters in particular: the first was designed by Alberta Ferretti, the second by Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos and the third is a creation by Rossella Jardini.

For info about the project and to find the stores participating in the initiative you can visit this site!

 Sweaters: Oxfam Italia & Coin
Leggings: David Lerner NY

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