Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Easter at Cinecittà


Hey Pinelle!!
Are you having a good Easter? It was a strange Easter for us yesterday, we spent it all together with the GF13 crew at Cinecittà studios!

As usual we had the run-through for tonight’s episode, but this Sunday, being Easter, we saved some time to have a break together!!

We were certainly not lacking in surprises, not even for the contestants in the house. Ihiihhi Before going to the studio we stopped off to get a giant Easter egg (it was nearly as tall as me ) and sneakily we put it in the house without the contestants seeing!

We documented everything… well almost, you can see the photos below. Everyone in the production team looked at me funny … maybe that’s because I was going around the studio with this giant Easter egg in my arms?? hihihi
As usual on Sunday’s run-throughs my outfit is very simple and comfortable, and these past few days I have been putting layers on because the weather is still crazy!! Baggy jeans, white/beige coloured top with a t-shirt underneath and leather accessories perfect with my Marks and Angels. Finishing off with a touch of colour with a Faliero Sarti scarf!

I leave you now with some photos of the surprise I did and our out of the ordinary Easter… How did you spend it?

Meanwhile Happy Easter Pinelle….. until tonight!!!!!

Jeans & T-shirt: Top Shop
Top: Splendid
Scarf: Faliero Sarti
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Boots: Fiorentini & Baker

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