Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Grande Fratello 13 Episode 8 Look


Ciao Pinelle!!!! Here I am with my look from the eighth episode of GF13!!

This time we chose a low cost look, and what could I have chosen if not Topshop?? ehehhee The black jumpsuit was really comfortable, and it enabled me to dance and go wild with Vladimir at the end of the evening. How was our dancing?! I had so much fun… ahhaha I want to dance in every episode!!!!

But let’s get back to the look!! Black jumpsuit with a Stella Mc Cartney waist belt highlighting the waistline with some gold details that recall the accessories. The 3 finger rings are from Luxury Fashion, while the bracelets and earrings that I wore are from Stroili Oro. But the main feature of the look is a pair of shiny black patent shoes with gold stiletto heels from Giuseppe Zanotti!!!

Before the show I managed to say a quick hello to four of you that came to see me at the studio…. and did you see?? Alvin was there too yesterday night!!! The “gatecrasher” of the pinelli!!! ehehhe

So what do you think of this jumpsuit?? Kisses to you all… until next time!!!

Jumpsuit: TopShop
Belt: Stella Mc Cartney
Rings: Luxury Fashion
Bracelets and earrings: Stroili Oro
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

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