Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Ciao Pinelle!!

Today I’m taking you into my dressing room to show you what went on before the live show for the last episode of GF13! The photos were taken while Sabrina Farina, my wonderful Make-Up Artist, was doing my make-up for the evening! As you can see, she has one enormous stash of make-up and brushes!!

As soon as she arrives, she sets out everything she needs on the dressing room table and then… well, messy little me comes along and muddles it all up… hahaha!

But let’s move on to the products we used for this episode of GF13! We mainly use two brands, Chanel and Armani. First of all we apply a Clinique primer as a base to prepare the skin! The brushes are natural fibre, by Chanel, Dior and Armani, they are a little pricey, but trust me, they’re an investment for life!!! Maestro foundation, by Giorgio Armani, contains gradual-release oils and pigments which correct our natural complexion. It’s the perfect lightweight product, and it’s really long-lasting!! We also used it on the set of Extreme MakeOver!
To fix everything in place we use Chanel’s Poudre Libre powder, which also gives a natural effect. To apply it we used an Acca Kappa brush.

And now for the blush! As you can see, we have a wide range of colours, and we like to mix them to achieve the perfect effect. Some are Armani (you’ll see the GA logo) and some are Chanel (the ones with a squarer pack).
For my eyes, we used a Chanel La Ligne eyeliner and shimmer shadows from the same brand! As well as these two brands, we also used M·A·C and Stefania d’Alessandro pencils.

For the last episode, on my lips we applied a thin layer of the new lipstick number 110 by Diego dalla Palma, while for the other episodes we used a mixture of the latest shades by Armani and Chanel from their new collections.

And after Sabrina’s make-up, if you’ve been following us on the club you’ll already know, Aldo Coppola’s Michele Moretti, aka Dexter, then joins us, tasked with taming my rebellious locks! The last photo is of the whole team at the end of the process, with hair and make-up complete… and me ready to go on air in a dress designed especially for me by Michele Chiocciolini!

Kisses to all my Pinelle!!

Dress and belt: : Michele Chiocciolini
Shoes: Casadei
Rings: Maria Vittoria Paolillo
Rings: Luxury Fashion

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