Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Today I feel romantic…


Ciao Pinelle, today I am showing you this really romantic look!!!

The showstopper is this beautiful powder pink strapless maxi dress full of lace details from L’Aura. I already fell in love with one of her lace dresses this winter while choosing my wardrobe for the Marks&Angels campaign, do you remember it?? It was a bright electric blue… amazing!!

Today’s dress is obviously different in both colour and cut… and considerably lighter and much more summery!! It’s made from two over-lapping layers, the first a slip and the second all in lace!!
 I wore it with some matching powder pink coloured sandals full of studs… I let the rock chick side of me come out here!! ehehhe 😀

Once I put on the dress and shoes I looked at myself in the mirror and instantly decided to wear my leopard print Lucy bag from M&A!! To finish off the look I wore these gypsy bracelet and necklace with vintage colours and effect!!

So what do you say Pinelle? Happy Monday to you all!!! X x x

Dress: L’Aura
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: vintage street market
Bracelet: Bohemian Rhapsodie
Bag: Marks&Angels

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