Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Giulia, the queen of low cost e-commerce


From lawyer to queen of low cost e-commerce, this is the story of Giulia Giontella, 29, who left her job as a lawyer at her father’s firm to dive into the world of flower e-commerce. It all began with Giulia’s desire to have fresh flowers in her home every week.

But the cost of fresh flowers, as we know, is fairly high and so Giulia decided to do a quick search on Google by entering the words “low-cost flowers”.
The search came up with no results and the young lawyer’s first thoughts were “I’ll do it myself”. That gave rise to, the first e-commerce website devoted to the sale of local flowers for affordable prices.
Giulia personally researched a way to make bouquets of flowers cheaper by going to the horticulturalists in the Lazio countryside who, having heard her proposal, decided to get onboard.

The decision to go with locally grown flowers avoids lots of different passages and, as a result, lots of additional costs when flowers are imported from warmer countries. This means Giulia can sell a bouquet of fresh flowers, wrapped in bread paper, for just €7.50.
The business has grown and today, the first orders are arriving from abroad. To help Giulia in this big venture are 5 employees plus two external teams that deal with ornaments for gardens, balconies, and floral arrangements for ceremonies.


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