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Honey or Sugar? The natural taste wins


During the afternoon, I always try to have a moment for myself. I boil some water, I add a bit of lemon and then, the final touch, honey. As I said, I love oranges, so I prepare my favorite infusion with cinnamon and oranges and then I give myself something sweet and delicate, that respects my body: two spoons of honey to sweeten, so that the intense taste of orange can still remain untouched. Honey sweetens, but it doesn’t modify the natural taste.



Did you know that there are various varieties of honey? I love the chestnut one, it is liquid, amber and with a prickly taste… As soon as I taste it, I immediately feel the strong taste that relaxes me and puts a smile on my face…

Honey has a lot of properties, it can be used for sweets but it is perfect with cheese, too. Personally, I find it irresistible with a piece of Parmigiano cheese. I can’t stop using it because of its digestive, nutritive and slimming properties… people say that a spoon of honey before going to

sleep reduces the desire of sugar, helps the metabolism and moreover, it helps you sleep. So after dinner, I always have another infusion with a spoon of honey in it. My need for something sweet is finally satisfied and I can sleep more calmly.

So what do you think Pinelle? Do you prefer honey more than sugar like me?

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