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Gli shop di Alessia

Chocolate: journey through fashion, cinema, recipes



After Valentine ’s Day, it is inevitable to talk about flowers, love quotes but also and mostly about chocolate. Dark chocolate… my passion. Full of beneficial properties for the organism. And according to some research, it should be able to make you live longer!

At least once a day, I treat myself to a piece of dark chocolate, in the afternoon or right after eating. It makes me feel immediately better and it indulges my need for delicacy. But chocolate also makes me think about a romantic night. What is better than wine and dark chocolate?

If you are good at cooking, then something that will delight anyone is braised meat with dark chocolate. Imagine the tenderness of a slowly cooked piece of meat, almost melting, and the cocoa aroma that embraces the full-bodied taste of wine. A delicacy that reminds me of Chocolat, a beautiful movie that tells the story of the seducing power of chocolate and its power to unite people. One of those movies which, as soon as it’s over, makes you want to run to the supermarket!


Chocolate makes me think about the cinema, but also about fashion. It is an incredibly sexy ingredient (one of the latest trends in photography is doing photo shoots of women covered only with chocolate!). Its color shades can be found in many collections…particularly, Fashion Snoop (the online service that predicts the trendiest upcoming colors) says that Dark Chocolate will be among the ten most used colors in F/W 2016- 17. Cinema, fashion, but also travelling…my true passion. Chocolate and Paris, the perfect pair isn’t it? There is

nothing better that a hot chocolate during a grey and cold day. If you want to try something incredible, go to rue Saint Honoré, where you will find Jean PaulHevin. The best hot chocolate in the entire city.

Something unique that you can do in Paris is a visit to the Musée Gourmand du Chocolat, a peerless place. It’s a (literally) delicious museum totally dedicated to chocolate, to its incredible history, to its varieties and production. It’s divided into three sections and it explores how rich this ingredient is, from its origins until today. Something amazing is that you can see a true demonstration on how chocolate is made… and you can have a bite too! It’s really worth going there, especially if you have kids!

Not just in Paris, but also in Turin making this ingredient has been a true art for centuries. From Guido Gobino, to Peyrano, fromPfatisch to Baratti and Milano. And what can we say about the young Guido Castagna, that opened his boutique only in 2002 and has already conquered the Olympus of chocolatiers? His secret is in the details, in the search for new production techniques, more careful and natural. Just the touch of a true passionate maestro can produce pearls so incredibly tasty.

guido castagna

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