Avocado - La Pinella food

Avocado has been tickling everyone’s fantasies for centuries: the fruit of love, of gods, mariners’ butter, alligator pear… Energetic and healthy because full of benefic and nutritive properties, it is always associated with the Mexican tradition for the famous guacamole, the sweet and spicy sauce that the whole world loves. And I truly do too.

I tried to imagine different situations in which I can taste the delicious fruit of love. Imagine Pinelle, imagine a restaurant on the seaside or a country menu in the city.

We are on a beautiful terrace on the beach, and we order a plate that inspires freshness… a delicate salad bed covered in avocado, lobster and lemon vinaigrette. A hint of sour that balances the sweetness of the Latin-American fruit, together with the crustacean. Avocado can be perfectly combined with sushi too, think about Temakinho.


guacamole - avocado

The journey goes on and the landscape switches to the countryside. A bit of country conquers the city. You just need to go to Erba Brusca in Milan. Outside you eat under a pergola that shows a beautiful vegetable garden. Obviously, everything you find in the vegetable garden you’ll then find it in your plate. You can taste Sicilian avocados, healthy, buttery and delicious.

Combinations with avocado can truly be a discovery, a surprise for your palate between sea and land! And you Pinelle? How do you eat this amazing fruit?


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