Good Morning Pinelli,

Today I am ready to start this day whit energy. After all the emotions that I’ve been through these days, I really need to recharge my batteries. I am very happy for the debut of Isola, and I still feel the tension and I still want to be full of determination for you. Often during these days, I treat myself with a special breakfast and, besides the delicacies that I love, I add some energy with dry fruit. I love eating walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. One of the things that I love is almond milk… that reminds me of the amazing Sicily, a place that I love and that makes me daydream…


Frutta secca - La Pinella Food

True fact, dry fruits are full of calories, but if you have a balanced dose, it’s a true panacea for your hearth and mood. I really like hazelnuts, especially the ones you can find in muesli, those are perfect with a light yogurt. Walnuts are also an excellent source of E Vitamins and Magnesium.

Noci e Mandorle - La Pinella Food

During my breaks, in the morning and in the evenings, while I run from one place to another, I need to eat something quick and nutritious, that’s why I eat three walnuts or three almonds, delicious with both something savory or sweet. Also, dry fruit is amazingly helpful if you want to prepare homemade cosmetics like oil or almonds cream.
There’s nothing more hydrating for your skin! Try it Pinelle…


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