Valeriana cover

Does it ever happens to you that after a big dinner or after an intense period like the upcoming Easter holidays, you feel the need of a light dish, maybe a little detox too?
It happens to me, and when I want to feel light, I can’t stop thinking about a nice plate of veggies. Since I can’t eat lettuce, because I don’t digest it, I prefer valerian. It has many names like bennet, setwall, Valerianella, corn salad, and I don’t which one is the most famous name, but I know that it is easily recognizable from lettuce because valerian has small and dark green leaves. Someone eats it cooked or sauteed, but I prefer it raw to feel all its sweetness and delicate taste.

valeriana insalata

I love preparing big salads, mixing together different ingredients. I love combining fennel, carrots, oranges and the final touch with flax seeds and dry blueberry…a mix that drives me crazy because of the intensity of all tastes and also, because of the variety of colors. Besides being good, nutritious, it’s also nice to look at…the contrast between the red of the oranges, the white of the fennel and the purple of blueberries makes everything perfect. A dish that gives me happiness and makes me feel light and full of energies for the whole day.

Try it Pinelle… I am curious to know with what you mix your salads…


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