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Gli shop di Alessia

It’s picnic time…


picnic_coverSpring has arrived and with these sunny days I just feel like staying outside. Spending time in a park, lying on the grass with a nice breeze, it is very relaxing for us grownups and fun for kids. A unique occasion to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and spend some time with our beloved ones, tasting all flavors that this wonderful season has to offer. As soon as I can, I organize a picnic outside with Mia, she loves lying down on the grass and playing with me and other kids running around on the grass. I take out my wicker basket that makes me think about nature and wellness and I put inside a lot of tasty food. And then, to enjoy some relaxing time, I have to bring my checkered towel, light and fresh, ideal to lay down and, why not… take a nap too.
But a picnic is also an ideal occasion to eat quick and tasty snacks that can also be healthy and full of  energy. Finger Food is ideal for this occasion, so you can prepare sandwiches, skewers and pasta salad that I generally like with seasonal veggies. Besides beverage, crudités are a must in my basket…perfect to munch together with Mia while we read a book or we play a funny game. Carrots and fennels are the perfect diversion before and after lunch. During my afternoon break, I like to have a low fat or white yogurt with some cereals, maybe a teaspoon of honey too, and Mia loves fruit juice.

Picnic - Vivi Bistrot© photo by Vivi Bistrot

But if instead you just feel like being outside with the people you love, but you have no time to prepare something to eat, then bring your favorite towel and go out to enjoy some sun. It often happens to me… during those moments, I take my favorite book and I go directly to Villa Pamphili, in Rome. A beautiful park, the biggest one in Rome, perfect for kid and to have a picnic outside, without worrying about preparing something. Vivi Bistrot (you can find it also on my app) is a restaurant surrounded by green grass and trees that offers take away picnics.

Mia and I have a lot of fun grabbing our colorful mini boxes with delicious menus inside, and then I love the fact that the boxes are 100 % biodegradable. Because it is important to have fun, but also to respect the environment and the other people too.
So, if you want to prepare your meal at home or not, picnic is a special moment that you need to be free to share with the people you love, with your beloved half, with a group of friends, with your kids as long as it is a moment of relax entirely dedicated to you and your well-being.

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