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Brunch, my passion!



A must that is becoming every day more and more a trend in all the big cities in Europe and America. A word used for the first time by Guy Beringer, an English writer that defined brunch as the ideal breakfast on a Sunday morning, after the spoils of a Saturday night. The union of two words and two important moment of the day: breakfast and lunch.

More and more a trend in England and Usa, particularly in New York and Los Angeles, but it is a must in Italy too, especially in Milan and Rome. But what is brunch? For me is a special way of starting my Sunday… with friends or relatives, outside, tasting delicious Italian and international food. From croissants in Paris to Bacon in London and then fruit juices and salad pies, focaccia…

Habits changed in the past years…now it doesn’t start before 2 pm, especially because on Sunday you wake up late and you just feel like eating once. As Beringer said” Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting”.

A moment that I like to share with my friends, especially because we have some time to talk and tell to each others everything that happened during the week. And we do it in a relaxed way, without being in a rush as during the week. And then I love being outside, in a garden, where you can eat, chat and smell flowers all over. Many bars, restaurants, hotels, tea rooms organize the Sunday Brunch, adding local and traditional ingredients.

When I am in Rome, I go to the Hause Garten, a place in the Prati area, surrounded by green. It looks like a Parisian bistrot, but with a touch of an underground club in Berlin. I love bagel J When I am in Milan and I feel like being surrounded by nature, I bring Mia and we go to the 4Cento, 400 square meters’ farmstead perfect also for kids and to enjoy a family brunch. But brunch is also good to discover new places and tastes when we travel around, tasting all the local delicacies.


When I am in London, a true shelter for me is Petersham Nurseries , one of my favorite place of all. Is a greenhouse with a fantastic restaurant…with delicious English sweets like muffins and brownies. A special place, unique, full of energy. And then New York, where brunch is now a trendy appointment and it is always very abundant: scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes, French toasts with butter and cupcakes… and to drink, I prefer some light cocktail like Bloody Mary or Spritz…on Pinella city, if you look for the word brunch you can find many different solutions… I inserted many places where you can have a special brunch…because it’s a passion that I have, a unique occasion to eat a lot of delicious things, while having fun with friends.

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