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Rolling Stones: rock’ n’ fashion!



When we talk about England, my biggest passions immediately come to my mind: London, the British countryside and rock… I’ve never told you about how much I love a British band, symbol of the 70’s…the legendary Rolling Stones… No need for presentations… I love their music, especially their leader, Mick Jagger, an icon of style, a charismatic man, charming and timeless… he rocks his 72 years! My favorite song? Miss you… I always sing it out loud, it makes me want to travel and it brings me back down memory lane… I think about the British country and my wedding with Paolo and our location immediately comes into my mind. The Aynhoe Park estate, a beautiful place in the middle of the British countryside…do you know who also loves this place? Jade Jagger, the daughter of the Rolling Stones’ singer, she got married there too!

But Rolling Stones are not just music…Mick Jagger influenced the world of fashion too! 72 years old and he can still amaze us! Colored silk shirts, floral prints and velvet flared trousers, but also his British style, revisited in a rock way with cashmere sweaters, tweed pants and Korean collar shirts.

From the 70’s on, he scattered the whole traditional fashion! Always able to adapt each item to his rebel and eclectic personality…his perfectly thin shape has been and is perfect for skinny models and then his jackets…apparently it seems that he made Yves Saint Laurent make a special velvet blazer just for him and that many of his jackets are now made by Timothy Everest…

rolling_stones_mostra rolling_stones_mostra2A young dandy of the 70’s with a skinny jeans and ankle boot outfit, has been proposed again by stylists like Gucci and Boglioli. I have to say that Mick Jagger keeps inspiring my rock looks: jeans skirts, boots, waistcoats and leather sleeveless. If you love the Stones you can’t miss Exhibitionism, an exposition opened till the 4th of September at the Saatchi Gallery in London. 9 thematic galleries with more than 500 original objects like costumes, dresses, musical instruments, books, special backstage and never released before audios! A true celebration of their influence on the whole world of art, from music to cinema, and fashion, of course…and there are a lot of collaborations they had with international artists like Andy Warhol, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dior, Ossie Clark (to name a few) …

I can’t wait to go there… in my luggage my favorite boots, two tickets for the exhibition and in my ipod my favorite song “Miss You”… London here I come 🙂

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