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Finally Strawberries: beauty and taste


Yesterday night another super episode of Isola, I had a lot of fun doing Spanish dances and having unexpected surprises. And today, I really feel like having sun and fresh fruit. With the spring and all these sunny days, even if these days are a bit colder, the desire for healthy food grows. And so today I want to talk about my passion for strawberries. Finally strawberries, fresh and healthy, from April to July, the good ones…and you can taste the difference. Full of taste, with an intense red color, I really love to taste all their natural flavor, without adding any sugar or lemon. As I mentioned before, Mia and I love cooking and particularly we like to cooks pies with no yeast, because they are very light and incredibly tasty. I add some strawberries marmalade, a light one, with no sugar added, just with lemon and apples. Yes, strawberries are perfect for sweets, but I love them combined with savory dishes like risotto, fish tartare and then a special caprese, that I make when I want to enjoy a lot of little finger food antipasti, maybe chatting with some friends 🙂

A revisited caprese with strawberries, balsamic vinegar, a leaf of basil and the smell will take you away…you can try Pinelle, just take some small Buffalo mozzarella cherries, basil and strawberries and then, if you want to amaze with a chic touch, serve them on a white tray. A contrast of tastes and colors 🙂

Since strawberries don’t contain many calories, they are full of C vitamins, anti-oxidants and potassium and the fact that they are full of water makes them perfect to fight water retention. I eat them but I also use them to prepare compresses and nutritive masks.


le fragole - LaPinella Foodle fragole - LaPinella Food


And during this period, we all need to get rid of impurities to give beauty and light to our skin. I like preparing homemade scrubs, easy, quick and very natural. What do we need? Strawberries of course.

I take 10 strawberries and I wash them very carefully, then I blend them. I put them in a cup and I add honey and some almonds oil and it’s done. What a smell… rub it on your skin, legs, arms and then relax in a shower or take a bath. Perfect also to make a mask for your face, like strawberries and lemon for greasy skins. You can prepare many compresses and have strawberries in sweet and savory dishes.

Come on Pinelle, take out your creativity 🙂

le fragole - LaPinella Food

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