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A beauty evening: cuddles and relax


Clarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINK

Dear Pinelle,

Today we’ll spend some time talking about “beauty routine” and if there is something you all care about is the beauty of your face. Right?

Yes, because during this time of the year, we usually rediscover ourselves and we want to prepare our skin for the summer and especially for the sun. The first rule when it comes to facial beauty is brightness… if we look at ourselves in the mirror and we see our skin glowing, we can start our day full of happiness.

There are two important moments during the day in which we have to take care of our skin: the morning, as soon as we wake up, and at night, before going to bed. And yesterday night I decided that I had to take care of myself. Along with the beauty of the body goes the beauty of the soul, so I took the book of Elena Ferrante “My Brilliant Friend” and I went on my bed with Mia. Cuddle and relax time…

Clarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINK Clarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINK

Travel & Beauty…

While I read, I also take care of the beauty of my skin. Skin cleansers and tonic are not enough, especially if you live in a big city like I do, we know how polluted our cities are. You need to remove every single inch of make up on your skin. Never go to bed with make up on!! After an intense day, we don’t feel like removing our make-up, so we fall asleep with foundation and mascara on…hahahahaha. It happened to me to. We always think that it will take too much time, but there is a solution, quick and efficient, and it is using a beauty tool like Clarisonic. In just 3 steps your skin is cleaner and instantly brighter. You just have to damp the head with some water and your favorite cleanser and then rub it on your face with small circular movements: 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 on your nose and chin and 10 for your cheeks. 60 seconds and you skin will be totally renewed… even in the morning, before putting make up on, it is perfect because not only it cleans your skin, but it makes it perfect for other treatments and make upClarisonic Mia2 is amazing because it is small, light and I can put it also in my bag, perfect for someone who loves travelling like I do…travelling and beauty are a perfect pair and I am sure that you agree with me Pinelle, especially now that we start to program weekends and holidays!

Clarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINK Clarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINK Clarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINK

Clarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINKClarisonic - MIA2 PEARL PINK

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