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How to prepare homemade sushi



Dear Pinelle,

yesterday I was at home and I just wanted to eat some sushi…and at the same time, I wasn’t feeling like dressing up, putting make up on and go to the restaurant, I just wanted to stay home…


Do you remember the episode from Sex and the City, when Samantha decides to make a surprise to Smith by preparing him a romantic dinner?

That’s the solution to my laziness and to my desire for sushi! Naturally, overlooking the part where she is naked covered in sushi!!

Yes, I know there are a lot of delivery services, but I felt like doing something different. So I rolled up my sleeves and I decided that for the first time, I was going to make homemade sushi, also to surprise Paolo.

Preparing sushi isn’t so complicated, you just need some manual skills that will come by practicing. On internet, you can find many tutorials that can help you realize colorful rolls and nighiri step by step!

Tools and ingredients you must have are:

  • A sharp knife to cut sushi
  • A bamboo tatami to roll
  • A bowl to stir and put the rice
  • Fish, the one you like
  • Japanese rice, Kome
  • Nori seaweed
  • Wasabi
  • Rice vinegar

You can find everything at the supermarket.. after you put everything on the table, the fun part starts! I decided to realize some rolls with salmon, tuna and a very special ingredient…mango! Oh yes Pinelle, mango with its sweet and slightly acid taste is perfect to be combined with fish dishes and it is also full of vitamins that are perfect for our skin! I got the inspiration from Temakinho, a fusion restaurant that I already told you about, that you can find on my app  la Pinella City. It unites Japanese cuisine with the Brazilian one, with a super tasty menu!

roll con salmone e tonno

My plates have salmon or tuna with Avocado and a slice of mango. In the tuna rolls, I added also a bit of ginger… a pinch of spicy!

The funniest thing is that anyone can prepare sushi with various ingredients, according to tastes! The esthetic result wasn’t the same that Temakinho offers ??? but the taste was fabulous! And Paolo loved them….

Come on Pinelle, try and let me know how it went!

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