Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Unmissable stops in Paris: the city for foodies!


When I think about all my travelling, my mind immediately thinks about the fragrances of the places that I’ve visited and the plates that I’ve tasted. Travel and food…my passion!1 every good traveler knows that there is a unique link between the pleasure of travelling and the discovery of new foods…I think that this is a unique way to taste the culture of the country we are in.

This is why today Pinelle, I decided to go back with my mind and taste buds to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris!

The capital of elegance and style, Paris is also the city of foodies from all around the world…it is impossible to walk around and not to feel a bit peckish…the smell of butter pain au chocolat and baguette coming from the boulangerie drives me crazy! 🙂

In France, as in Italy, cooking is something serious…famous all over the world for the “nouvelle cuisine”, it is not a coincidence that from 2010 the French cuisine is part of the Unesco World Heritage.

But Paris is a multiethnic city too, it is possible to find many different cooking styles coming from all over the world. But if you want to live the Ville Lumière in the authentic way, then you need to try bistros, brasseries, cafes and creperie!

If you find yourselves in Paris, the best way to start the day is eating a petit dèjeuner, the typical French breakfast with croissants or baguettes with butter and marmalade, jus d’orange and coffee in a characteristic Parisian bistro.

One of my favorite places is Café de Flore, an historical place since the 19th Century and during the 30’s it was the center where literates and novelists used to meet! The perfect place to start getting lost in the streets of Sain- Germain a beautiful neighborhood full of boutiques and shops!

café de Flore

Per una colazione più leggera e light c’è invece il Café Pinson nell’Alto Marais, locale vegetariano dall’atmosfera giovane e accogliente… Qui il vero MUST è il succo energizzante detox, perfetto per una giornata intensa alla scoperta delle bellezze parigine!


There’s a lot to choose between even for lunch and dinner time…brasseries are like Italian trattoria or British Inns, good food and low prices! During my favorite walk in the vintage market in Saint-Ouen I always have lunch at Le Petit Navir, a small and cozy French brasserie. Pot-au-feu, terrines, marinara mussels…truly delicious!   

For a romantic dinner, Chez Julien is the perfect place! This little chic bistro is close to the Senna river and the atmosphere recalls the Belle Époque…and the view of the St-Gervais-et-St-Protais church is amazing 🙂

chetz juliene

Pinelle, Paris is a unique city that you have to visit that fills your eyes and your bellies! On my app #LaPinella City you can find suggestions and curiosities for your culinary trip to Paris!

Bon appetit!!!

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