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Gli shop di Alessia

My special weekend in Capri


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli, last weekend I was in Capri with my family, and I discovered beautiful places thanks to a couple of friends of mine that hosted us, showing us this marvelous place from their perspective. The last time I was there it was 15 years ago, and I was pregnant with Tommaso!

Useless to say that we’ve been eating as if there was no tomorrow…mozzarella, fish, pasta and fresh tomatoes with basil that I still dream about at night???

It was a real culinary tour! At Torre SaracenaI got a bit tanned, and we also ate there, and then Paolo rented a fishing boat and we went to discover the Island from the coast. Mia and Tommy were astonished by such a beautiful view: sea stacks, the many caves around the island…65 of them! We admired the famous Grotta Azzurra, with its blue intense water, but also Grotta Bianca that gets the name from the rocks it is made of and Grotta Verde, a huge cave with green water…breathtaking!!! From the pics, you can also admire Grotta delle Tre Sorelle, you can recognize it from the three ways in and from the clear water!

At night a walk in the streets of the city center, with the kids going around by themselves and us grown-ups enjoying a happy hour in the main square. We also went to see the Certosa di San Giacomo, that besides being an ancient monastery, created during the 4th century, it’s also a place where conferences, meetings and concerts take place.

This island, with unique colors and tastes stays in your heart and when we had to get back, we felt like time went by too fast!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!! ???


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