A Sunday for champions

A Sunday for champions

Hello everyone! Are you settling back into the routine? Here we are sorting out schoolbags, books, exercise books, pencil cases and all the rest… school will be starting in a few days and there is agitation in the air!! ehehhe
Today’s photos however were taken on Sunday afternoon. Francesco came to see Mia, so we took the opportunity for our fine extended family to have lunch out. Afterwards, the older kids (Tommaso and a friend of his) were glued to the TV to watch the football matches, while us girls, with Francesco and Paolo, played a game with lots of wooden blocks for making tons of different things. It’s called Kapla, you might know it! Besides building things with these blocks, Mia had lots of fun making long lines of them to then knock them down like dominoes. But guess who had more fun than she did??? Her dad of course! Ahahah maybe you’ve seen the video on IG … with us adults turning back into kids again! 🙂

I don’t know what it is like where you are, but here in Rome it’s still very hot, and so I picked a cool, comfortable outfit for going out!!! The white shirt in light cotton is by American Vintage, while the shorts come directly from Formentera!!! You’ll definitely recognise my sandals and bag … they are by Isabel Marant and Valentino, two great classics I have used right through the summer!! Must dash now… A big kiss to all of you!!!


Shirt: American Vintage
Shorts: Formentera
Sandals: Isabel Marant
Bag: Valentino


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