Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Flamingo mania is a trend again



Out of the blue, unannounced, and I have to write about one of the trends of the moment: Flamingo mania!

I am laughing because it reminds me of the 30’s in Vegas, where you could find yourself in a garden surrounded by pink flamingos…and it it’s like that! But I still don’t think that I would buy something like that for my house!!!


Let’s leave tastes on a side, I went to Tiger, an incredible store that all of you know and I bought for you all the accessories with this pattern….hahahha so funny! Napkins, pillows, straws, sunglasses, bags, plates and glasses!

Thou, it could be nice to organize a themed party on a warm summer night…what do you say?

Home decorations and you can also find costumes, covers and t-shirts with the funny animal printed on…

Approved or rejected pinelle?


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