Dear Pinelle,

are you thinking about holidays? It’s almost time, and we can’t wait to leave, but there it comes the first obstacle… prepare the luggage, especially the beauty case! Which are the summer beauty essentials? How to choose the right ones?

Here’s my list for a perfect summer beauty kit!

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

Solar protection: first rule to start getting tanned is prepare your skin! Supplements are perfect to contrast the negative effects of the sun. I use Skinius products. FOSPID.IN® contributes to the maintenance of the dermal nutrition while having an antiaging function. PLUSOL.IN® is a strong antioxidant, it protects cells from the oxidation stress and it helps the skin pigmentation.


Institut Esthederm has very good products that you can use according to the sun’s intensity. For the first exposition, use the one with three sun, stronger, and then gradually two and one, once you are well tanned.

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

Remember pinelle, always protect sensible areas. I use Isdin products, lipsticks and ayes contouring.

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

Refreshing water: so hot under the sun! to feel relieved and hydrated, refreshing water is a must! There are many types… the Avène one for sensible skins on your face and body is perfect all year long, even during the winter. My skin is always hydrated and clean.

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

Hair spray: water, salt, wind… and here you go, dry hairs! In my beauty case I must have a protection to apply before and while I am getting tanned. I love Kérastase products, that besides protecting from the sun’s damages makes them soft and shiny.

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

Aftersun: after a long day at the beach, there is nothing better than aftersun… rehydrating our skin makes us feel relieved! I love Bioderma perfect for the skin after a sunny day, it makes it perfumed and fresh again. I find awesome the spray version, soothing for face and body. The sensation of freshness is immediate, and not only it hydrates the skin, but it makes us stay tanned longer.

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

Facial cream: it’s the first thing I put in the beauty case. I couldn’t live without it… especially during the summer. Mornings and evenings, I use H2+O hydrating cream with high content of Fospidin. My skin becomes softer immediately, and also shiny and hydrated.

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

Make up: I never wear make up at the beach…but It is always good to bring some make up for the night. I love the unique touch of the Dior rouge lipstick. For the face, I use Couvrance by Avène just to cover imperfections and then Heliocare products are perfect to protect your face. Then, for a glamour touch, “Eyes to kill” mascara by Armani.

Prodotti per l'abbronzatura - La PinellaProdotti per l'abbronzatura - La Pinella

And you Pinelle? What are you going to put in your summer beauty case?


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