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Gli shop di Alessia

Hot weather? Homemade fruit popsicle!



Dear Pinelle,

with this hot weather, the best thing to do is having a popsicle! Even better if made at home with a lot of fruit!

Colored, delicious, fresh and healthy too…homemade popsicles are ideal for the whole family and especially for kids because they have no preservatives nor colorants, as the commercial ones have! Simple to make…Mia and I always have a lot of fun making them together!


Perfect for a summer snack but also for an alternative dessert.

But how do we make them?

It’s really easy… take some water, fruit and sugar (or stevia). Melts the sugar in the water and make them boil. Once it reaches the consistency of a syrup, let it cool and rest and add some lemon juice. Insert everything in the popsicle mold with fruit and put it in the freezer. Ready to eat!

My favorite ones are blueberries and currant popsicles… and to make them even more delicious, I added in the mold some blueberry juice.

A tasty alternative and the yogurt and berries sticks! Just substitute water with yogurt and no sugar but honey. Add everything in the mold and, why not, add some nuts too. Mhhhh…delicious ?


Ever tried fruit ice cubes?

In the ice trays put some diced fruit and the spices you like the most, add water and place in the freezer. Take them out once you are thirsty!  A creative idea to make your beverages refreshing and pleasant, very cool for a summer party!

cubetti ghiccio frutta

Pinelle, ready for a freshness explosion?

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