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Prisma: my pics become paintings


Dear Pinelle, you know how much I love experimenting… I like to try new things  ?

I like to try new tech stuff, out of curiosity and to feel more like a teen, who now a day are using apps more and more. As you might have seen from my Instagram profile, I used Snapchat and I’ve had a lot of fun singing my favorite Coldplay songs. And during these days, I’ve started to use this new photography app. Do you know Prisma? It’s having a lot of success all around the world. In just a few days, it has been downloaded over a million times. Many think that it is just the usual photo app, but I must say, it is not.

I’ve played with it a bit and in a few steps I got surprising results. How? Choose the pic you like Pinelle, upload it and select among 33 filters. Wait a sec once you’ve chosen the filter, the app needs to have the time to re-elaborate the pic, transforming it into a painting. And then we can share our masterpiece on social networks, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In just a few days, posts with the hashtag #prisma have been 650 thousands.

But is it true that your picture will become paintings? I was skeptical at the beginning, but the result left me speechless. Check out my experiments, aren’t they amazing? I felt like an artist?

I’ve had a lot of fun choosing the perfect effect, the one that resembles the style of the painters I love. I had to try “Femme” by Picasso o Lichtenstein with all those colors and the atmosphere of the pop art. And then, since I love “Breaking Bad”,  I had to try the Heisenberg filter. Do you like them Pinelle? Come on, you have to try too, maybe you’ll make a masterpiece too. Have fun, and enjoy Prisma!!!

Prisma - Le Femme

Prisma - Tears

Prisma - Roy

Prisma Trenerse kandinsky

Prisma Heisenberg

Prisma Dream

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