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Mia’s birthday… Girls party!


Dear Pinelle,

Last Sunday was Mia’s birthday and as you might have seen from Instagram, to celebrate the 5 years of my little princess, we decided to have fun with a girls’ party!

Mia was so excited, and she actually wanted to wear a princess dress ❤ she never stopped: she played, danced with her friends… and they were so cute while dancing all dressed alike! Mia loves the song by Fabio Rovazzi and was so happy when the music started!

But even us, the grown-ups, had a lot of fun… have you seen granny Mela? With her 94 years she went dancing too! Number one!!

My look for this special day? Very comfy: jeans skirt with buttons, striped blouse and of course, my black ballerinas!

Have a nice weekend Pinelle!

Compleanno Mia - 5 anniCompleanno Mia - 5 anniCompleanno Mia - 5 anniCompleanno Mia - 5 anni

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