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Pilates mania: How to stay in shape



Dear Pinelle,

I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while about my new passion for Pilates.

It was a pleasant surprise for me, and after just a few lessons under my belt I can already feel the benefits!

It works a lot on the lower body, the critical points for every woman: legs, glutes and abs!

It lengthens, tones and defines the muscles, and with time it creates not just the perfect silhouette, but also a certain harmony and flow in your movements. It’s good for the body and the mind, and aids concentration, balance and coordination.

So all in all, Pinelle, I could sit here all day listing all the amazing benefits of this ancient practice, and if any of you already do it, we can share experiences and opinions. What do you think?


Izabel Goulart - Pilates Izabel Goulart

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