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Halloween, trick or treat?


Dear Pinelle,

Halloween is surely one of the most loved holidays by all the little devils and little witches that fill up our life! Me and Mia already know what to wear, and in the following days I will definitely tell you how we spent the terrifying Halloween night!

In the meantime, in order to get some additional ideas, I decided to get enchanted by the real Halloween magic and big celebration that can be found in the most loved city of all times: New York! Parties, parades, monsters. music, pumpkins and spectacular lights in every corner of the city… it would be really nice to be there on that occasion, maybe with your children.

Village Halloween Parade: is definitely the most awaited event of the night: an impressive nighttime parade in the streets of Greenwich Village (Manhattan), the biggest exhibition in the world in the most scary night of the year, with more than 50,000 participants such as zombies, vampires, witches and other frightening creatures!

There are also fun alternative options for families and little kids:

Central Park Conservancy: adults and little ones will be able to participate to a suggestive free-entry Halloween event in the most famous of all parks, where they will find music, masks, and illuminated pumpkins in the river; the renowned “Pumpkin Flotilla”, simply amazing!

Brooklyn Children’s Museum:here you will also find amusement: first, the children’s museum will host a super dj-set for the night, and then you will be able to go on with the classical trick or treat. Have a look at the calendar to discover other thrilling events!

Sony Wonder Technology Lab: the “Wonderween Event”, a sort of interactive workshop for all ages that starts on the night of 30 October and ends exactly on the 31st, is celebrated in this lab every year! Here you will find various activities, shows, games and lots of fun , everything obviously coloured in black and orange Halloween style!

American Museum of Natural History: this important museum, that has more than 30 extraordinary rooms , remains open (like others in the city) in order for kids to play trick or treat, while having fun with cartoon characters and live shows. Not only this museum celebrates the Halloween night, but it also gives you the chance to sleep next to an African elephant, or at the bottom of a suggestive volcano. In other words, you surely don’t want to miss out on this experience!

And it doesn’t stop here; two iconic places of New York City will blow your children’s mind, with their many lights and electronic installations : the Empire State Building and Rockfeller Center,

So, what else to say, Pinelle…. Every corner of The Big Apple is transformed for this occasion, colouring itself in orange and partying in the most loved American celebration of all times (which, as a matter of fact, actually has Celtic origins).

And how are you going to spend your Halloween? Please let me know, I’m very curious.

Many scary kisses to all of you.

Foto di Filip Wolak
Foto di Filip Wolak
Foto di Filip Wolak
Foto di Filip Wolak

Village Halloween Parade

New York architecture

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