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Gli shop di Alessia

Four Legged Friends!


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli,

today’s post is dedicated to all of our four-legged friends. I want to tell you about Rome’s “Valle Grande” shelter and about the “6orme” organization. My friend Gaia Lucariello, member of “6orme”, is an animal right activist: together with lots of other wonderful people, she is out there fighting everyday to try to give some happiness to abandoned dogs, and the main goal is to find a nice place for them to stay.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are still people who don’t understand how much these big little animals suffer by living their life lonely, without a loving owner.
After listening to all of Gaia’s stories about these poor dogs, who get abandoned after staying in a family for even 3 or 4 years, I decided to share some pictures with you, in case there is someone looking for a dog to host and love forever.

In dog shelters you will find fantastic creatures who are only waiting to get adopted and to find a family!






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