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Gli shop di Alessia

My Cuddle Botton!


Dear Pinelle,

like every day, during breakfast I need some time for me, in order to regenerate myself and get ready for a new intense week!

I love to enjoy the amazing STAR Sogni d’oro infusions and chamomile teas: they are perfect for relaxing after a busy day, for a regenerating pause after sports, or to share a moment with your dearest friends. Who wouldn’t love to be cuddled is such a way? Think of how wonderful it would be if a button was enough to be cuddled!

All this can be possible thanks to the STAR Sogni d’oro contest, where you will be able to win a case containg a “Bottone delle Coccole”; thanks to this fantastic button, you will be able to ask for cuddles from the people you love the most whenever you want. Register on the vincilecoccole.sognid’  website, and find out how to win: until March 31st you will be able to participate to the istant win and to the final draw, but you can also participate immediately to the contest to win 50 cases of STAR infusions, so hurry up!

A cuddle can make your day really special!

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