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7 places to visit during Spring Days!


Dear Pinelle,

I don’t know about you, but I have become a real metereopatic: in fact, thanks to these beautiful days I am full of joy and happiness, and when I see sunshine I want to do lots of things.
For this reason, today I will share with you some of my favourite places where you can spend some time during these nice spring days with others or by yourself.
For those who love the beach and good lunches, I recommend one of my favourite restaurants that you can find in Maccarese, very close to Rome: “Da Renatone” restaurant. I am sure many of you already know about this place, and thus you will understand why I like it so much. I love taking walks on the shore and breathing fresh air after lunch.

I also want to tell you about another place that you can find along the roman coast, “La Rambla”: renown for its summer aperitifs on the beach, it is also very nice to visit during this period of the year, perfect to go with your kids or pets.
I think that I will definitely go next week!

If you don’t have enough time to spend a day at the beach, and you can’t wait until the weekend to have some relax, then you can go visit some of Rome’s wonderful parks during weekdays. My city is full of astonishing gardens, ideal to spend some time with your kids and your four-legged friends, maybe after a day sitting in front of the computer.
Villa Balestra, that is really close to my house, is always full of people, but also full of silence, which is ideal to have some rest;

And what about the majestic Villa Borghese, with the famous Pincio, the river, temples and sculptures.

Then you have Villa Pamphili, where you can find the famous “Vivi bistrot”, to have some lunch in pic-nic style or an aperitif during sunset.

Instead, right next to Ponte Milvio, you have the Tor di Quinto river park, with lots of parking and many places to stay during lunch or aperitif time.

And finally, the magnificient Limonaia in Villa Torlonia, another park in the heart of the city, where you can have lunch or brunch surrounded by nature.

Pinelle and Pinelli, see how many things you can do during these beautiful spring days? How do you like to spend them?
Let me know, a kiss and have a good week.

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