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Gli shop di Alessia

#Mom Jeans


Dear Pinelle,

they are the trend of the moment, but they remind us of the 90s: I’m talking about Mom jeans! High waist, not too stretchable, 4 big pockets, tapered and turned up at the ankle, in total vintage style.

They come in all sort of ways: bright or dark, black or gray, torn, long or short.

All you need to do is realise how to match them in the right way or which ones to choose, depending on your physical shape, in order to avoid looking like a real “mum”. Try wearing them together with a crop top and a long blazer, with a wide blouse, in perfect spring style, or with a street style sweatshirt. Even shoes make a difference, and if you don’t like wearing low shoes, try putting on a décolleté or an open sandal! During the day, I like to match the jeans with sneakers, with uncovered ankles and a comfortable shirt, while in the evening I prefer wearing high shoes, an elegant blouse, a trench or a long blazer.

Here is my Mom jeans inspirational gallery…. I simply love them, and my favourite low cost brand TOPSHOP has lots of pairs!!


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  1. Jandrew

    Who knew! I mean really WHO KNEW! That those rather odd jeans from 1990’s (mom jeans) could look so good . The styling of your shots sure shows that this trend is hot Great styling !
    Dress The Part

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