Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia



Dear Pinelle,

finally today my new Marksandangels website is officially online: we’ve been working on it for months and I’m very excited to tell you about it!!!
My new website reflects my real world: dynamic, simple and at the same time full of colours of the new 2017 Spring/Summer collection!

In this collection, you can find many different colour versions of the beloved Claudia purses, but also the new shoulder strap Anita purse. It’s a bit smaller, and what makes it unique are its woven shoulder straps, real must of the season. You may also take a look at the striped Anita bag (for the beach), the small Mary purse and the timeless Paolo purse.

As always, I am proud to underline the fact that all my bags are entirely produced in Italy; artisan products are our trademark!
Think that every single bag is totally handmade, thanks to the professionalism of historic skins laboratories and to the hands of great artisans that, each time, help me create a very unique product!

I really hope you like my new Marksandangels website, but especially I hope that you’ll be able to find everything you need in my new collection! Big kisses







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