My little Melrose Place in London!

My little Melrose Place in London!

Ciao Pinelle!
As I told you on Monday, last weekend I was in London with TommasoMia and Claudia. In today’s post, however, I’ve decided to tell you a bit about our daily routine when we are in the city I adore so much.

In the photos you can see the street where we live. It’s pedestrianised and it was right here, at the age of one, that Mia learnt to walk!!!!
Now she comes out because she wants to ride her pink scooter, while Tommy plays football…now I wonder where he got that from?!! Lol!

Our neighbours are all very nice and friendly, and of different nationalities. In the evening, we take turns in organising cocktails so we can spend some time all together… it’s like living in Melrose Place… remember that TV show?

I also want to draw your attention to just how beautiful and well kept the gardens are on our street!! Credit goes to James, who I’d like to thank wholeheartedly, since he kindly looks after all of the plants on our road… including the ones on my balcony!!!!!!
So I’ll leave you to the photos and a look that gives a little sneak preview of the brand new Marks&Angels F/W collection.

Hugs and kisses Pinelle!

foto 1

foto 3

foto 4



foto 6

foto 8

foto 9

foto 10

foto 14

foto 12


Jeans: Top Shop
Tshirt: IRO
Ballet pumps: Repetto
Ring: Mvp Creations
Glasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Marks & Angels

Mia’s look
Tshirt: Happiness
Leggings: Gap
Shoes: Naturino



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