Snack time!

Snack time!

Ciao Pinelle,
yesterday afternoon, after her usual nap, Mia and I went out to the park near our house where she can use up some of her energy!

As we were coming back, Mia kept asking me if she could have a snack at the bar like grown ups do, and so we stopped at the one right in front of our house. Orange juice, a ham sandwich and a lollipop… the perfect snack right?! hehehe

When we reach the main gate of our house, my little monkey must, at all costs, play a “game”, which has now become a daily ritual for us. If she doesn’t, the gate won’t open!!!! Basically, she climbs up the bars of the gate (under my supervision, of course!) until she reaches the top! Then I hold her while she jumps down, and in we go! It reminds me of the Swedish wall bar we used to use in gym at school… remember pinelle???

Now I’m going to tell you a little about our outfits, which are both very simple. Mia is wearing jeans from Gap, a short sleeved tee by Le Petit Coco with a fun print on the front, and comfortable rock’n’roll shoes with chains and studs by Naturino.
My look is very simple too, in fact I’d almost call it basic, mainly because I need to be agile to keep up with Mia at the playground, but also because I like comfortable looks in general. I’m wearing a pair of black distressed-effect jeans by Cycle, a black tee by Iro and sneakers by Voile Blanche with coloured and embossed details. A Marks and Angels bag with studs is my own rock’n’roll accessory!

Hugs and kisses to all!!



Mia’s look
Jeans: Gap
T-shirt: Le Petit Coco
Shoes: Naturino

Alessia’s Look

Jeans: Cycle
Shoes: Voile Blanche
T-shirt: Iro
Belt: Michael Kors
Bag: Marks&Angels


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