The grand finale is here!!

The grand finale is here!!

Ciao Pinelle and ciao Pinelli – how are you all?
I must admit I’m a bit emotional and on edge… because tonight it’s the final of Isola dei Famosi and my adrenalin is already pumping!!!
These past two months have just flown, between one live show and another, the time has gone so fast!! A big thank you obviously goes to all of you who have followed us with such affection, sending us the photos of your viewing groups! I have finally managed to see all of you… and I hope to see you today too for the grand finale!!

In this post I will show you the looks I have chosen and worn for the last three episodes. As I told you before, all of the outfits in this edition of Isola are part of the capsule collection designed by Anthony Vaccarello for Versus, and I’d like to know which one is your favourite… but first wait to see tonight’s one!! In fact… after the fiery red jumpsuit, the black one-shouldered dress with the unmistakable Versace Greek key motif and the black pants and white shirt… what do you think I’ll be wearing today?

I must dash now because soon we’ll all be rushing to the studio for the final meeting with production and then we’ll be making the preparations for the show!! One thing I haven’t asked you yet though… who are you cheering for??
A big kiss to all and, if you like, send me lots of photos of your viewing groups, to the usual e-mail address: [email protected]!!
Thanks to all my pinelle and pinelli, I love you lots!



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