The East in the palm of your hand

The East in the palm of your hand

Last week, Rome was home to Eastern culture, offering a real tour of those far flung lands to discover, experience and taste their various atmospheres. The Festival of the Orient has just ended, but will be arriving in Milan at the end of May. So, pinelle and pinelli who live in and around the fashion capital… start taking notes! 🙂

India, Japan, Thailand, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka… these are just some of the countries you will find as you wander from one stand to another. Styles, cultures and lots of different food to sample, for example, Vietnamese “Pho”, Pad Thai, a traditional dish from Thailand with noodles, fish, meat and bean sprouts, and plenty of desserts too of course. I couldn’t resist the banana fritters! Just as well we were walking around, at least we burned off those extra calories!! 🙂

But it’s not just food you know… the performances really bowled me over. Bollywood, for example, truly amazing, and I was captivated by Elsbert Anthonysamy singing different songs from the various regions of the East and Middle East, together with four talented dancers. I also discovered that hers is the voice of that famous song Cacao Meravigliao. Then I waited to see the Taiko, a live performance of traditional Japanese drumming. Pinelle, I could feel the beat resounding everywhere, so great was the power from the stage…even the ground was vibrating!! The traditional Chinese tea ceremony was really evocative too. In 10 minutes I was practically in another world (there was a very good teacher there who took us through all the steps!).

I could go on for hours describing everything, but I’ll leave you now with some lovely photos we took there! Hugs and kisses!!!

Photo by Alessandro Peruggi


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