Halloween Party!

Halloween Party!

Halloween Party!

This morning in #casamarcuzzi it’s already Halloween!!
Today we woke up early because our little rascal had a Halloween party at school, and so I had to paint her face and dress her up! Of course, I couldn’t resist a devil costume!

To be honest I could have been a perfect zombie, since I had slept 3 hours that night after the live broadcast, and I had marvellous eyes… But nothing that a nice pair of sunglasses couldn’t solve! 😉

To make Mia’s costume we used a little black dress from H&M with tulle skirt and lots of strass stones on the bodice. It was lent to us by Ezia, who had already used it for Rebecca when she was smaller. We added a hairband with horns and a devil’s tail! The red and black striped tights were absolutely perfect for the party! I painted a web and a big black spider on her cheeks, we put on her mum’s red lipstick, and she took a pumpkin full of sweets with her! Before going out I put a warm red pullover on her, because it’s really chilly in the morning. Once she got to school she met her best friend Isabella, dressed up as a Princess, but a witch version! They were all dressed up and gorgeous, ready for the parade. Who knows how many sweets she’ll come home with today… or maybe she’ll be full of ideas for lots of new tricks?? Of course the victim is always the same…her brother Tommaso! 🙂

And if you want to celebrate Halloween at home, you can definitely create the perfect atmosphere with just a few things. Last year I hung old tights I had ripped and laddered around the place with cotton wool to create a spider’s web effect. Even toilet roll is great for conjuring up a Halloween mood. Candles are always evocative, just light a few and voilà… but they need to be placed out of children’s reach! Black and orange balloons can give the final touch to your decorations! As for clothes, it’s “vintage” all the way! 😀 With carnival costumes and old clothes, a bit ragged even, I think you can really have fun creating the perfect look… and makeup can do all the rest! What do you think?

A big kiss to all of you, and have a great weekend!!!

Dress & Socks: H&M
Sweater: Burberry
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana


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