Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Innovative “all-in-one” CC cream: how much we like it!!


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli, today I would like to tell you about something completely new on the beauty scene.

I decided to try a brand new product that was only launched in America 4 months ago but which is proving to be a huge success!!! It is called CC Cream and is a corrective cream that recognises our skin tone and improves its hue, whatever it may be. :)
 I simply couldn’t wait to try it out and did so right away, as you can see in the photos…. the result is out of this world!!! Since then, I simply can’t do without it: I use it on its own in the morning to even out my complexion and hide the signs of tiredness (given that I’m working hard on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” at the moment) or even just to go and pick Tommy up from school or take Mia to the park, because it isn’t actual make-up as such, so it leaves the skin glowing and transparent; alternatively, it can also be used as a base, before applying foundation, perhaps on an evening when I need to do something special or be videoed for example.

The great new thing about CC Cream is that it is both a moisturiser and foundation in one. A really useful product that helps all Pinelle – who, like me, don’t want to spend ages putting a face on – to be ever-perfect with a simple, single gesture. It goes on quickly and easily and is perfect for giving you a healthy glow, even in the winter when we all look a little washed out. 🙂

It is also very versatile, as it works for all women, from young girls to Pinelle with a few more years behind them, like myself, and then – very importantly! – it has been tested not to cause allergies (it is also perfume-free, precisely to avoid any irritation to the skin), so there are no risks involved.

So, Pinelle, have I got you curious enough to try out the CC Cream now? It’s available in three different shades so just work out which best suits you and…. you’ve got one less problem to solve!!!






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  1. Alice

    Ciao, se non ho capito male la crema è molto leggera… copre o no le lentiggini, quindi? Grazie, ciao

  2. Federico

    Scusa, ma…. Hai letto bene l’INCI del prodotto??
    (INCI cioè gli Ingredienti del prodotto)
    ATTENZIONE a tutti gli Elementi dannosi per la pelle. (Epidermide e Derma in primis)
    Te ne cito qualcuno da EVITARE:
    Propylene Glycol
    Paraffinum Liquidum
    Mineral Oil
    Elementi che finiscono in: ONE; THICONE; SILOXANE
    Elementi: EDTA
    La lettera C seguita da numeri dispari
    Elementi con: UREA; METHYL
    Poi la lista continua… Quindi…


    1. Alice

      Ciao Federico, ma qual è l’INCI di questa crema di cui parla Alessia?

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