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Birthday Party: Happy Birthday Mia!


On Wednesday, Mia turned 2 and I decided to have a party with all of her little friends.

At first, I thought I’d do something small since Mia only started nursery school yesterday and so she doesn’t have school friends to invite just yet. But in the end, between those she hangs out with at the playground, my friend’s kids, who are practically family, the kids she met this year on holiday and a few friends of Tommaso’s thrown in, we could say we had quite a sizeable group. 🙂
I decided to hold it at my 12-year-old Tommaso’s school because there is a very nice playground for little ones there, and with the scorching heat at the moment, I figured a place with some shady trees would be the best solution.

I usually dress my daughter like a tough tomboy, with a touch of English-style rocker, but for once, and given the occasion, I wanted to satisfy her and dress her up like a little princess, complete with her beloved ballet pumps (she has inherited her mum’s passion!)
Francesco had arrived from Milan that morning since we had the settling-in period at nursery school that day and so everyone was there: relatives, friends and even my ninety-year-old granny!!! 🙂

Entertainment was provided by a marvellous girl called Pallina. It was great fun, not just for the kids, who enjoyed themselves, but also for us grown-ups, who danced around like crazy the whole time! And as for the food, there were lots of little snacks filled with every kind of treat made especially for little ones… but guzzled down in the end by us big ones… ahahaahahahah!!!
Mia was bedside herself with joy, she couldn’t contain herself and was so tired when we went home that I thought she’d fall asleep in my arms as we climbed the stairs… but no! Her adrenalin was so sky high that, once they’d had their bath, the two rascals started wrestling on the big bed like every evening, as usual! The only one wrecked at the end of the day was me… my dear Pinelle… I’m getting too old!!! 🙂

By the way, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU everyone for the birthday wishes you sent to Mia. I’ll keep all of them, so that she can read them herself when she’s older!!!

PS: Today I discovered that I am one of the nominees for a MIA (“Macchianera Italian Awards 2013”)…what a coincidence, uh? They have the same name as my daughter!!!  Thanks to all those who nominated LaPinella in the Best Fashion Website category! If you would still like to vote for me click here!

Oh, I nearly forgot! I wanted to welcome Eva, the little girl just born, with love and kisses to her mum… our Pinella Pepe!!

Dress: Simonetta

Jeans: Cycle
Sweater: Splendid
Boots: Isabel Marant
Bag: Marks&Angels
Earrings: Topshop

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