Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

On the road look!


Ciao pinelle and pinelli! Today I’m going to show you the look I often use for my travels around Italy with Extreme Makeover Home Edition Italia.

We usually set off in a coach driven by the legendary Danilo (we’ve known each other for 20 years!), and the “on the road” gang is great fun! Claudia, of course, is always there and together we kill the hours with songs and wild dancing.

The most comfortable ensemble is usually leggings and large sweaters but, if we happen to arrive and go straight out to dinner, I go for a slightly more glamorous outfit: boyfriend jeans, shirt and my famous ballet pumps! The ones you can see in this photo are by Voile Blanche. If I could, I would never, ever take them off my feet, they are more comfortable than slippers! I spoke about them a few months ago… remember? Since then I have fallen in love! đŸ™‚Â These ballet pumps are not only comfy but also ultra on-trend: the rubber studs are highly original, a brand new feature presented by Voile Blanche in its FW 2013/2014 collection!

My HTC jeans are ultra comfy and the only ones I can wear for long hours of travelling. They’re wide, don’t pinch the waist and yet are extremely feminine.
The shirt is by Equipment, number one on quality and fit… It’s not exactly low-cost, but is really worth trying, believe me!

Our legendary coach is currently making its way across Italy and we’re always on the road. I must say, getting through these months in the company of such a pleasant group of people is the extra gear that makes it all less tiring.

At the bottom of today’s post you’ll also see a photo with two girls I met in front of my house before leaving. They are two die-hard fans of Lapinella: Olimpia and Gaia! Gaia is a really fantastic girl. I met her some time ago and she follows me on the social networks… has a contagious smile and is a bona fide Pinella :).

So, Pinelle, tell me, what do you think of my jeans and ballet pumps look, like it?

Jeans: Htc
Shirt: Equipment
Belt: Michael Kors
Leather Jacket: Wlg
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Ballets pumps: Voile Blanche
Bag: Marks&Angels


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